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June 24, 2012. Living Hope Church in St. Michael-Albertville, MN.  Sunday night service.  This message follows the death and funeral earlier in the week of our congregation’s dear friend Jeremy Erickson.  Many in our church prayed hard for Jeremy’s recovery.  We asked for a miraculous healing, but Jeremy left us for heaven even so.  The death of a loved one raises many questions…

Does God exist?  If so, can he hear our prayers?  Is He simply so HUGE that He doesn’t bother with our little lives? And who is to blame for this loss?  Didn’t we pray hard enough, or correct enough?  Was it sin in Jeremy’s life that caused him to suffer and die?  Or was that God’s plan?  And if he can do anything, but he didn’t choose to heal Jeremy, how can he be good?  Even more to the point… is his heart good towards me?

So many questions.  This message wades into the deeper water, where our theology is tested in a sea of grieving.  In the deep water, God comes to us.

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Jeremy Erickson. Entered heaven on June 10, 2012. Thank you, God, for his life and friendship. Jer, I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

Mission work is supernatural. If you’re not a church person, it’s easy to blow that off along with all the other fairy tales about Jesus and His miracles.  But if you’re a believer, then you have to agree.  MISSION WORK is SUPERNATURAL in nature.

Does your church support missionaries out in the field?  Do you know their names? Do you love them like family?

If missionaries are engaged in a supernatural battle (which they are), then our financial help is good, but SUPERNATURAL help is NECESSARY.  Missionaries without prayer cover are weak and vulnerable on their own.  But God has chosen to harness His power to the prayers of His people.

Don’t leave your missionaries exposed.  Don’t let go of the ropes.

A powerful 8 minutes… Here’s AFLC missionary Dan Giles in 2008 talking about the power and importance of prayer cover for our missionaries: