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This July, 1,800+ souls gathered together for a week of worship and Bible study and relational bonding at the YMCA of the Rockies camp up in the mountains of Estes Park, CO.  This was FLY 2013, the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations Youth Convention, held every two years. My wife Amy and I were grateful to be asked to speak this year on July 4, for the Thursday evening services. As I spoke to the men and boys in the Longhouse, Amy had an opportunity to speak to the girls in the Assembly Hall just up the hill.  The theme of the convention was “Broken,” taken from Isaiah 53. The text we focused on for the evening was Isaiah 53:10-12.

Here is Amy’s session:


beautifully broken from Joshua Skogerboe on Vimeo.



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Once in awhile I run into a performance that reminds me again why great art is important.  It causes me to worship the Great Creator of all artists, the Root of all beauty.  This performance is one of those.

Theresa Andersson is harnessing technology to redefine the “one-woman-band” motif.  Not focussed on the craziness of the technological dance itself (which is quite impressive all on its own), she simply uses looped recording technology seamlessly to create lush, complete soundscapes.  I’m a fan.  Dig this vibe…