Joshua_Polaroid_1Hello and welcome.  If you’re looking for my resume and current contact information, please click here to visit my online professional resource site.

I use this space as my online journal.  It’s a record of my thoughts about life, leadership, and worship.  My whole life is framed and guided by my relationship with Jesus Christ, and a few core beliefs about who God is:

(1)  God is the sovereign Creator.  He created mankind for His glory – to live in relationship with us that is mutually enjoyed. 

(2)  Every person on the earth throughout history has fallen short of God’s perfect standard.  Because God is Holy (perfect, and “other than us”), we are separated from God because of our sin.

(3)  Jesus Christ provided an opportunity for everyone who believes to be reconnected into a right relationship with God through His death on a cross for our sins.  When Jesus bled on the cross, his punishment was payment for my sins.

(4)  Jesus was really alive – a real man, and fully God at the same time.  His death is a matter of historical record.  Three days later, He rose from the dead, and on that day, He claimed victory over sin and death forever.

(5)  If it wasn’t for Jesus, I’d have no hope.  Because of Jesus, I can live in FREEDOM.  I still sin, because I’m still corrupted by my human nature.  But when Jesus sees me, He sees me forgiven.

(6)  As I work out my faith, Jesus continues to refine my heart.  This lifelong process does not buy my way into heaven.  Jesus already paid the price for my sin.  So I live in the eternal reality that I am a forgiven child of God -AND- I am still working out my faith with prayer and fear of God.  This is a mystery.

(7)  Because God alone is worthy of the highest praise, it is not a character flaw for Him to seek it.  In fact, God’s highest passion is his own glory.  And my deepest need is to fulfill my God-given purpose.  I was created to give glory to God.  Therefore, God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in Him.

(8)  This truth is the bedrock of my life.  Therefore, this online record of my life and thoughts is meant to give honor and thanks to my One King.  This is the “one thing” my blog is titled for.