don’t let go of the ropes :: missionary prayer cover matters

January 14, 2011

Mission work is supernatural. If you’re not a church person, it’s easy to blow that off along with all the other fairy tales about Jesus and His miracles.  But if you’re a believer, then you have to agree.  MISSION WORK is SUPERNATURAL in nature.

Does your church support missionaries out in the field?  Do you know their names? Do you love them like family?

If missionaries are engaged in a supernatural battle (which they are), then our financial help is good, but SUPERNATURAL help is NECESSARY.  Missionaries without prayer cover are weak and vulnerable on their own.  But God has chosen to harness His power to the prayers of His people.

Don’t leave your missionaries exposed.  Don’t let go of the ropes.

A powerful 8 minutes… Here’s AFLC missionary Dan Giles in 2008 talking about the power and importance of prayer cover for our missionaries:


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