four and a half million shades of wrong :: “jesus is a friend of mine” top ten list

December 2, 2010

You may be one of the four and a half million people that have already viewed this jaw dropper on You Tube.  If not… you’re welcome.  If so… you’re probably due for another ride on the Sonseed Express.  Destination: fantastic.

That just happened.

Top Ten Savory Moments from “Jesus is a Friend of Mine”

(1)  0:07  —  Bearded guy’s hand dance.

(2)  0:38  —  Sal’s rock-star double head bob, Christian-style

(3)  0:57  —  “rock and roll…”      BWAAAhahahahahaha!!

(4)  1:14  —  The sudden vocal tone shift out of the curious and inexplicable quasi-ethnic pop staccato of the majority of this song into a swarthy baritone, for just a moment, bringing special emphasis to the text for “…of mine.”  Genius.

(5)  1:51  —  Jesus is a Mountie, eh?

(6)  1:56  —  You know it.  “ZAP.”  Good times.

(7)  2:11  —  Pretty sure we’re seeing a drug addled Mandy Patinkin rocking those acrylic drums.

(8)  2:22  —  “Hoo.”

(9)  2:25  —  The evil spirit of Elvis Presley’s lascivious hips seems to be possessing of our poor bespectacled guitar player.

(10)  2:35  —  “I have a friend in je-SUS.”

I’m just going to sit here another minute and savor the goodness.  Can’t wait to rock this one at Living Hope with matching outfits.  So reverent.  So real.  So good.


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19 responses to four and a half million shades of wrong :: “jesus is a friend of mine” top ten list

  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. This is just a barrelful of awesome 🙂

  2. Oh, Josh. Next time could you please put a “Depends Warning” for those of us over forty?

  3. Ha! A classic! Shortly after this first broke, David Crowder pulled it out for the closing @ University Baptist.

  4. So classic. I want to be on worship team when we do this one…and be the designated “zap” person.

  5. Oh. My.

    It’s just like Audio Adrenaline!

    Except, without the Adrenaline.

    (Kinda wish it was without the Audio, too.)

  6. Your top 10 should’ve been a top 15, there are so many, many savory moments in this clip… like the two times Sal was looking at the wrong camera… or when the Ken doll tv host comes and says, “Terrific!” but is really thinking, “Get me outta’ here!”… or the way that lady ROCKS the organ/synthasizer thingy.
    Ahhh… thanks for bringing me back to this one. It had been too long.

  7. HAHAHHAHAHAHA! This is awesome Josh! I think I might share it at Youth group next week as the intro clip.

  8. That was very…entertaining? Although I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I have caught myself a few times singing a few lines since I first heard it. I need to get it out of my head!!

  9. Oh…my…WORD.
    Zap, indeed.

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