why i’m adding tumblr :: social momentum and on-line aggregation

November 7, 2010

Yesterday I registered a new domain.  Once I get all the kinks and links worked out, I’ll formally unveil jskogerboe-connected.com to the world.  If you stumbled onto this post, consider this a sneak preview.  As of yesterday afternoon, I’m a part of the Tumblr community.

So why Tumblr?  Some of you are probably asking… what IS Tumblr in the first place?

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can then follow other users, similar to Twitter, or choose to make their tumblelog private.

Up until now I have also been using Posterous for the purpose of simple post microblogging up until this point, and I will continue to do so.  For me, Posterous has been a FANTASTIC and easy platform for uploading life-in-real-time photos, videos, and small batch photo albums from an event, for example.  I have also used it when I need a place to post something that just doesn’t seem to fit on Twitter, Facebook, or this blog.  But it’s ease of use (universal, multi-platform posting through email) is genius.  I’m not leaving Posterous behind.  In fact, I just gave my Posterous site a facelift.  You can take a peek here if you’re curious.

So why add another layer to my on-line life right now?  A few quick reasons:

(1) Tumblr has a lot of momentum right now.  They are one of the fastest growing sites on the web, and they have a fiercely loyal user community.  I want to surf ahead of the oncoming technology wave, and building connections through Tumblr seems to be a smart move.

(2)  Two words:  easy and free.  Like the best of the web 2.0 world, Tumblr is FREE, and getting signed up is a cake walk.

(3)  Tumblr’s reblogging function.  With a buton click it is easy-peasy to “re-blog” someone else’s post into your blog stream… where it can be re-blogged again by your followers, etc.  Tumblr provides an easy format for sharing info – which is what on-line social media is all about – and their community has proven to be generous and loyal with the link love.  If I want to share thoughts and ideas with a broader audience, Tumblr seems like a GREAT platform.  And I’ll undoubtedly build new connections along the way.  Win – win.

(4)  I often have conversations with people asking how I keep all this tech stuff straight, and why I have multiple sites for different content, and how it all works together.  I’m going to post a new blog article soon simply laying out my web-life strategy for the curious.  But right now, without a chart and visual aids and a cup of coffee and half an hour, all this online stuff can blur together into a complicated mess.  I’ve been looking for a way to aggregate my online content, fromTwitter and Facebook, videos, photos, audio, quick thoughts and longer conversations, blog posts and all in ONE location.  Simple. Clean.  I’m hoping to make jskogerboe :: connected that place.

Tumblr is providing me another link in the chain right now – I think it will be a solution for the simplification problem I’ve been trying to solve.  Over the next few days I will be continuing to expiriment.  To see if I can make all my online content upload to my Tumblr site.  Actually… truth be told… this very post is a bit of an expeiriment.  I want to see if it will link to Tumblr.  I’ll keep tweaking until it’s working smoothly, and then I’ll do a more fanfare-laden unveiling.

In the mean time, I’m pretty excited about this.  And if any of you are Tumblr users, I’d be honored to have you follow me.  I’m a Tumblr rookie, so advice is welcome, too.

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5 responses to why i’m adding tumblr :: social momentum and on-line aggregation

  1. Just added you buddy. I’ve had a Tumblr account for a while, but never really did anything with it. Let me know if you come up with any good ideas what to use it for. (In addition to being just another aggregator.)

    • Thanks Scott. Actually, no, I haven’t more than dipped my toes in the pool yet with Tumblr. But it IS my solution for a “LifeStream” aggregator site… for now at least. I wanted to get in on the Tumblr community, because I’m trying to stay connected with current trends in social media. Tumblr was one of the fastest growing social media venues in the past year. If that’s where the momentum is going, I want ot at least establish a presence there.

      For me, I believe the interwebs are an extension of my reach in ministry. It’s clumsy, because it’s digital, and that makes real community very difficult.

      However, I have started some genuine friendships here online, and I consider you among them. Some day we’ll share a meal together before heaven, I predict. 🙂 In the mean time, Tumblr looks like another platform for relational connection and provoking some discussion through blog posts and tweets and the like.

      As anything new, I’m in the expirimental phase. I’ll give it 6 months, and if it doesn’t seem to bear fruit proportional to the effort, I’ll prune the branch and move on.

      Thanks a ton for the follow. Building a network takes time, but it’s fun to have some familiar faces in the dashboard stream. God bless, brother.

  2. tumblr is growing simply because of one thing: porn.


    not sure i’d use that as a case for tumblr at all.

    • Wow. Thanks John. I hadn’t seen your post. I appreciate it. And I agree… I that is no case for tumblr. I saw a handful of articles regarding their recent growth and thought it might be a platform I would want to experiment with. Now… hmmm…

      I see two options: (1) cut and leave it behind altogether. Or (2) stay and be a light in a darker place.

      Generally I’m wired for option 2, but I need to prayerfully consider this. I’m not really online for “market share” or profit. Just a platform to make people’s lives better and share the truth of the Gospel.

      Anyway, thanks for the enlightening article and all your great ministry work. I appreciate you.