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October 1, 2010

I’m a huge Donald Miller fan.

I mean, I’m pretty much regular-sized… but I do love me some Don Miller.

This summer I read two of his books in a week. One of them was A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, the story of Don’s best selling book Blue Like Jazz being made into a movie, and how that caused him to examine his life story… to see if he was living one worth telling.

I loved it. LOVED it.  He challenged me to live a life story of passion, risk, purpose, and adventure.  To help my boys see themselves as heroes – as men of honor – purposing to live out valiant life stories of their own.  I’ve been waiting for the theatrical release of “Blue Like Jazz” with the kind of anticipation six-year-olds exhibit between dinner and the opening of the gifts while the grown-ups wash the dishes on Christmas Eve.

But now… well, watch this:

Save Blue Like Jazz from Save Blue Like Jazz on Vimeo.

So I figure now we have a chance to make this story even more unique. What’s more fitting than a fan-funded effort to help birth this great story on the big screen? You want some ownership in a great story?       >> Go here.



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