*insert caption here*

September 1, 2010

It’s simple.  Look at the pic.  Leave your best caption in the comments.  The person who leaves the best caption may or may not be eligible to win a chance to be entered in a drawing for 1 million dollars.


I gotta be honest, it’ll be hard to beat the original caption I found under this photo.  After you drop a comment, if you’re dying to know the back story and partake of more of the same, click here.  Have the best day ever.


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9 responses to *insert caption here*

  1. “Hey, hey, we’re the Monkeys, and we don’t… no wait… that was last week… who are we this week?”

  2. Who knew that a band could be influenced by Kiss, AND the Osmonds?

  3. Peter, Paul & Mary’s grandkids’ band.

  4. “Dad, I’m tired of doing our Singing Spiderman routine in this back alley. No one listens, I’m embarrassed of Bobby and his missing finger, and I’m late for college. Mom, no more pictures. Can we be done?”

    • Oooohh Liz… Too soon. Dayton tradgically lost his pointer finger a couple days before this picture was taken. Bizarre arc welding accident. He was really a good sport to try jazz hands here. Although he was in a lot of pain. But how could you know, right?

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