sleepyheads :: smacked in the face again

August 25, 2010

It seems every Hollywood movie marketed to main stream adults these days has one thing in common…  a bed-room scene.

I’m talking about that poignant moment in every film when the tension in the plot line is cut, and heart-strings are pulled, and we begin to truly empathize on an emotional level with our protagonist.  They tuck their children into bed.  Hollywood understands that for us to emotionally invest in their story line, we must identify with the characters.  Find a shared experience to anchor and emotionally connect millions of viewers.  And for those of us with children, who doesn’t agree that our little people’s cuteness goes up exponentially as their drowsiness increases?  It’s a universal moment.

This morning Pastor James MacDonald tweeted the following question…

First I thought about floating in Big Bass Lake, north of Bemidji, MN, off of my parent’s dock.  I remembered watching a line of pelicans fly above the Atlantic beach at sunset in Hilton Head, SC.  And that thunderstorm over the dark ocean water.  I thought about laying on my back and falling upward into the starscape above me.  But then I remembered my very latest truly “breathless wonder” moment.

Tucking in my very, very sleepy six-year-olds.  Praying over each one out loud in their beds as their breathing got deeper.  Slower.  The cross-eyed, half-smile I got from Levi as he croaked out “I love you Daddy.”  Little Josh couldn’t even talk anymore.  His rumpled hair stuck out just perfectly, awkwardly, perfect.  I stood there studying them both for minutes in the quiet half light.  Fine features, and tiny blood vessles, and eyelashes, and breath.  Watching how they found peace.  Seeing their trust in me play out real-life.  Comforted.  And my heart filled to the top and ran down my face.

I often say “God’s a genius.”  But this moment we parents share is further proof.  God knows how vulnerable and beautiful these little growing bodies would be when they need a dad so clearly.  Later, when they are older, and stronger, and have learned to depend on another Father, their sleepy, scruff-haired selves may not elicit the same “smack me in the face” emotion.  But this deep well of zealous protective love I feel teaches me about God’s love for me.  And for them.  And about my position as HIS adopted son.  I’m still and will always be dependant on Him for protection, provision, direction.  Loved more than my small mind can know.

That’s my  breathless wonder moment in awe at God’s creation.  My sleepyhead boys.  What’s yours?

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