OK GO… keep going… keep going… keep going…

March 4, 2010

And I thought choreography on treadmills was clever.  Rube Goldberg FTW!

“This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go.  Creativity on display makes me smile.  WOW.


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3 responses to OK GO… keep going… keep going… keep going…

  1. Awesome. It just kept going and going and going…

    Can you imagine how long it would’ve taken to set that up? And how many times to get it RIGHT?


    • I know. 🙂 Amy and I had a discussion about it tonight. It was basically a discussion about whether or not these guys are wasting tremendous amounts of time… or whether they are just genius marketers. I think both/and may be closest to the truth. But I sre am glad we get to enjoy the fruit of their “wasted” time! They are entertainers. And I am entertained. Therfore, perhaps, mission accomplished!

  2. Oh, yes, no doubt. If you want to watch another video that makes you wonder to the whole “waste of time or genius marketers” thing, then look up the guy who sang the National Anthem backwards on youtube. You’ll know it when you see it. He pops some balloons and spins a clock, just in case. 😉