the tooth fairy is real :: you think i’m kidding

February 23, 2010

The Tooth Fairy is real. I have never waivered on this point, and I never will.  Santa Claus, as everyone knows, is a hill of beans.  The Easter Bunny, the Great Pumpkin, Leprechauns, and Peter Pan… all lies.  But I contend with my children on a regular and ongoing basis for the veracity of the Tooth Fairy.

Levi lost a tooth yesterday.  So began my latest round of Tooth Fairy defense… 

“You better put that in a cup of water… the Tooth Fairy needs to know where to find it.”  

“There’s no Tooth Fairy, Dad.  YOU’RE the Tooth Fairy.”

“I am NOT the Tooth Fairy… and that is TOTALLY true.”

Which it is, by the way.  Creepy job.  I have no need for the discarded teeth of the world’s pre-tweeners.  Icky.

On it’s face, there is one seemingly contradictory value we hold in especially HIGH regard in our home: HONESTY.  There is no greater sin under my roof than lying to mom and dad.  Ask our boys.  If they did the crime, it is ALWAYS to their advantage to fess up – own it – take responsibility – and accept whatever consequences may be coming their way, rather than to LIE about said crime.  Because the corrective measures for lying are worse.  You don’t lie to mom and dad.  It was the same when I was growing up.  Always better to confess than to weave a tangled web of deceit.

So, for those of you non-believers out there…  you who routinely drop those shiny quarters from your own wallet into the glass of water by your 6 year old’s bedside as he sleeps…  For you who usurp the job of the one true Tooth Fairy before her work is done…  to you, this must seem like a contradiction.  Hypocrisy, even?

Oh, ye of little faith.

There’s this magical moment that happens.  Even in my 9 year old on occasion, although he tries to play it cool.  A spark in their eye, and a far away glance… BAM! That’s the moment I wanted.  And that moment is the reason I proclaim it so.  The Tooth Fairy is real.  And in those twinkling moments, as my boys listen to the sincerity in my voice, the resolve, and my unwavering, tenacious grip on this crazy story line, sometimes just for a moment I see them considering the possibility…

“Maybe…?  He wouldn’t…  No, wait.  This is baloney…  *pause*  Right?”

I wouldn’t lie to my kids.  I need to set the example.  But I also want to raise dreamers, with a sense of humor, and an imagination.

So…  Santa-shmanta.  Easter Bunny, my foot.  But the Tooth Fairy is absolutely real.  And I may (or may not) be winking at you right now…

What tall tales did your parents tell YOU when you were a kid?  And what have you told your children that may (or may not) be stretching the truth juuuuuuust a wee bit?


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5 responses to the tooth fairy is real :: you think i’m kidding

  1. Glass of water??? We always put ours under our pillow. Anyway, I’m SO with ya on the tooth fairy vs. Santa and all those other fakes. The reign of the tooth fairy hasn’t begun at our house yet but I’m sort of looking forward to it. 🙂

    • Under the pillow has a higher degree of technical difficulty when trying to keep the kids asleep. I mean… I’ve heard that. Or… I mean, it only makes sense, right? So into the water glass it goes. I’m sure the Tooth Fairy is appreciative.

  2. Loving that big grin of his…

    The tooth fairy is most definitely real–however, the illusions of Santa and the Easter Bunny still halfheartedly exist in our household. Sort of. Grace is a big skeptic…


  3. Actually, I like the glass of water plan. Then you only have to leave coins…no dollars! I mean, the Tooth Fairy…