conquering the slopes :: sledding with my boys

February 15, 2010

Winter in this part of the world taunts those of us who live here.  Our job as proud Minnesotans is to press back.  Not only to endure, but to enjoy.  That’s a metaphor for life.  Free of charge.

It was early evening with the sun setting on French Park in Plymouth, MN.  My goal was to bring the boys back with no broken bones.  We were triumphant.

First Run  ::  Dad and Levi… and Seth for the first 30 feet or so  >>


Second Run  ::  Dad and Seth… and some trees  >>

Third Run  ::  Just the boys  >>

This is the stuff that makes living really living.  A little adventure.  And loving these boys.


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3 responses to conquering the slopes :: sledding with my boys

  1. LOVE the videos–I feel your pain with the tree. At SideXSide, Rachel and I ran smack into one while tubing–good times. 😉


    • Yes… but tubes are squishy and rebound back to shape in no time. Actually, so are girls your age. 🙂 Geezers like me and our hard plastic tobaggans don’t snap back as quickly. *pause to rub bruised ego. I mean hip.*

  2. Wow, I just re-watched that third video. Did you see how many limbs were sticking out!? I had my hand on the ground, Isaac had his foot straight up in the air, and Levi had his entire upper body over the side! 😀