welcome to 2010 :: new beginnings :: pixar’s partly cloudy

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year everyone!  Let’s start the New Year thinking about new beginnings.  Here’s PIXAR’s latest short, “Partly Cloudy.”  Enjoy…

That’s great art.  It makes me think.  And I can’t miss an opportunity to highlight a few bullet points this brings to mind for the coming year:

(1)  A new year means the birth of new ideas, dreams, and new ventures.  I’m hatching some new dreams of my own this year.  It’s going to be our best year yet!

(2)  Loyalty between friends stirs emotion.  Because it matters.  I want to be a better friend to those I love this year.

(3)  Great storytelling communicates TRUTH in a BEAUTIFUL way.  I hope God stirs new creativity in me as a storyteller this year.

(4)  Excellent art inspires.  It’s more than entertaining.  It stirs thinking people to wonder and process and respond.  I want to become a better artist this year.

Here’s hoping and praying that all of you have a great start – a FRESH start – today and in the year ahead!  God bless!

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2 responses to welcome to 2010 :: new beginnings :: pixar’s partly cloudy

  1. Oh, yes, I’ve seen this one. love it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Have a great year, and blessings to you guys (and gal, for Amy’s sake) 🙂