when you’ve got it you’ve got it :: you can dew it!

November 11, 2009

Ouch!  From personal experience I can now tell you that flooding your sinuses with Diet Mountain Dew is a bad idea.

Such was my fate about three and a half octaves into the video below.  Today, I am so grateful for YouTube.  And to Tyler Stanton for posting this on his blog.  (Follow him on Twitter, by the way.  Because he’s funny.)  And to Shane…  for having the courage to display his vocal ability and musical prowess in so public a forum.

Aside from the carbonated assault on the tender mebranes of my nasal cavity, my day has officially been made.


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2 responses to when you’ve got it you’ve got it :: you can dew it!

  1. so THAT is how it’s done 🙂 haha