why social media is like boxing, which is like ballet, except the dancers hit each other…

August 6, 2009

boxer stripe

This will be short.  Can’t we all just get along?

Twitter gets hacked this morning.  Out of service for a few hours.  Facebook is acting wonky.  Social media mavens feel their world shake.  Social media opponents rub their hands together and cackle.  Here’s a quick article from CNN about the Twitter outage >> click here.

What’s interesting to me is not that Twitter went down.  The tech savvy know that Twitter is unstable – not secure – barely keeping up with demand – all that stuff.  What’s interesting is watching how people respond when it goes down.  Quotes from tweeple I follow, blog posters, etc. (with varying degrees of irony…)

Twitter broke for a few hours and I had a few panic attacks.

Thank god, I hate twitter. Hopefully a hacker figures out how to bring it down permanantly.

Oh no!! Now people might actually have to call their friends to have a conversation with them! Or worse yet – Talk to them IN PERSON!!! This is the end of civilization as we know it!

Twitter is pretty lame if it can’t defend against a DDOS attack. My morning is ruined.

OK.  *sigh*  I shake my head.  Here’s my take-away…

(1)  Some of y’all out there (in here?) are so connected to your social media that a little part of you seems to die when cyber-wonkiness invades the interwebs.  To you, I say… probably ought to unplug for awhile.  Good times.

(2) Some of y’all out there are developing a visceral distaste for Twitter, Twitter-users, and even Social Media altogether. To you who choose not to use social media, I say… those of us who DO probably don’t need to be reminded to talk to people face to face in a tone that suggests we have never thought of that.  Balance is good, but we’re not idiots.  Good times.

Conclusion:  Life is a dance with all kinds of people on the dance floor – each with their own soundtrack, apparently.  Rather than insisting the DJ play your song for everyone, I suggest huddling with some people who want to listen to the same song you do.  Then take off the boxing gloves and talk to the other dance huddles with respect.  My dance huddle thinks Twitter is fun.  Good grief.

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